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In 2010, we dreamt of having a kitchen free of synthetic chemicals and from this, the idea of Rujwa Organic germinated. Now sprawled on over 19 acres of farmland, we practice sustainable agriculture using organic methods, promote indigenous species of plants, and encourage others in the community to work towards the protection of the environment with us. Today, almost 80% of what we use in our kitchen is sourced from our own land.

We grow most seasonal vegetables, fruits, spices, grains, pulses and medicinal plants as the climate allows. We make jams, energy drinks, biscuits, solar-dried vegetables, pickles from natural products. They are completely free of chemical preservatives, instead rely on salt, sugar and oil-like traditional means of preservation. Our products also include dairy products like shrikhand, paneer and ghee made from desi cows' milk. We maintain a nursery of saplings.

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